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Hello! I'm Ulf Walter


I Welcome You to my Profile!
I believe evolution is a consequence of collaboration, rather than competition!

And that a broad professional scope allows for better understanding, comprehensive structuring & sustainable solutions!


This Web Page is a record of my professional activities in the last 38 years. I will be constantly uploading galleries of pictures, videos and docs related to the projects I have participated.

And I will also provide for the core information in Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Please feel free to contact me anytime through phone/whatsapp, email or LinkedIn.

Who am I & What do I do:

I have built a solid, versatile & validated background in the last 40 years and worked in almost all type of organizations, sometimes the leader & always an active “team player”: Governmental Agencies / Ministries, Foundations, NGO, Private Companies, Multinational and Transnational Corporations, as a Consultant / Advisor, Expert & Company Owner.

During this time I had the opportunity to work as a certified Project / Program Manager for almost 50,000 h. in different technical scopes, environments and countries/cultures.

Nowadays I am concentrating my efforts in Project Design & Management for Humanitarian & Social, as well as, Investment Projects.

Believe and practice the following Work Skills as by the IFTF - Institute for the Future: Sense Making, Social Intelligence, Novel & Adaptive Thinking, Cross-Cultural Competency, Computational Thinking, New Media Literacy, Transdisciplinarity, Design Mindset, Cognitive Load Management, Virtual Collaboration.

Have successfully used these Work Skills in small projects and in large endeavors like the Assessment & Monitoring of the Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon (5 million km2),  of agricultural crops, in activities like Innovation, Marketing, Sustainable Business Planning / Project Design & Management, Valuation, Mapping & Development, Executing, Team Leading, Sales, Negotiation, Problem Solving, Report Writing, Education, Translations and in areas like Applied Remote Sensing (Sensors Systems - optical, thermal and microwaves) and large GIS systems, with Sustainable Territorial Management / Monitoring in different applications (Food & Agriculture, Urban Planning, Infrastructure, Environment, and Cartography & Defense), Agribusiness, and Consumer Goods & Services.

In my professional life I was able to contribute, generate results & benefits over large Geographic Areas, as Responsible Expert, Technical Manager, in different areas of knowledge, in Land Use Mapping and Cartography and GIS generation with different technologies and at scales from 1:250,000 to 1:500, with the following metrics:

  • Deforestation: Brazilian Amazon (5,000,000 km2): Six consecutive Assessments of the Deforestation (Gross Deforestation & Rate) at the Institute for Space Research (INPE, Brazil) for the Brazilian Government, Ministry for Science & Tecnology, Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, totalizing 30,000,000 km2;

  • Agriculture, Environment, Hydrology: 3,800,000 km2;

  • Urban Areas: 11,000 km2;

  • Highways and Infrastructure: 6,500 km.


The synergic overlap of Territorial Management/Monitoring, Agribusiness, Intelligent Neighbourhoods/Cities  and Environmental Medicine, has become my priority, especially aiming social benefits and a better quality of life for rural and urban/metropolitan populations. Monitoring of the Agribusiness Chain (in a much broader concept than standard "commodities agriculture"), where the core is to provide for enough food on the table with less loss and waste, always in the concept of Sustainable Development: environmentally correct, economically viable, and socially just!


The geographic area of interest is about 6 million km2 including Paraguay, parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentine, and Chile, Peru and Colombia.

 Established in Paraguay and open to travel; worked in Brazil, most of South America, USA, and Europe. And with professionals from Africa: Ghana, Tanzania, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique and Ethiopia. And India & Japan. I decided to operate and offer my services globally.

Ways I can help:

generate better revenue, increase assertive planning, lower risk & prejudice, optimize procedures, executing, implement new structures, education. Open to work in new areas and subjects were my experience can be useful. Innovation & Marketing, as well as, Sustainable Business Development, are embedded in my professional identity. Investment Projects, as well as, Humanitarian Aid Projects (Non Refundable Funds / Sustainable Projects) also became my focus through Project Design and Implementation / Management.


Interview "Programa Jo Soares" Globo Television - Brazil, 2001
Space Imaging Ikonos Satellite - Manager Brazil Space Imaging Pioneering the use of High Resolution Images.

Interview MUNDOGEO 2012 - GIS for Territorial Management

Lockheed Martin - Ikonos Satellite 

Space Imaging - Corporate video 2000

Brazilian Army  - Highway BR 101 NE

Pilot Project Agribusiness Chain
São Paulo - Brazil, Metropolitan Area

Activities - Examples

for download under PROJECT GALLERY

Innovative yearly Syntesis Map for 5 million km2 
 enabling change detection and multitemporal in the developed georeferenced GIS system

Expo Amazon - World Trade Center 1996

period of our management
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