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Currently I am focused in Project Design & Management for the creation and implementation of Humanitarian, Non-Refundable and Investment Projects. In addition to Consulting, Mentoring, Partnerships and Business Development. Always considering the Sustainability triad: environmentally correct, economically viable and socially fair.

The figure downunder represents, in my belief, one of the most valuable lessons about the importance and consequences of Territorial Management and its positive (or failing that, negative) impact on people's daily lives. I built this screen from the Cycle of Loss and Waste. And to generate positive impacts on society, it presupposes honest and transparent attitudes. I was able to test, prove and validate the assertive functionality of Territorial Management (Territorial Reference and its Dynamics), and its environmental, social, economic and administrative benefits. in different themes, geographies and cultures.


Through Territorial Reference and Monitoring the Region (in all levels of Public and Private Governance) will be favored in assessing Assertive Planning Strategies. Breaking Paradigms to Foster Sustainable Development with Validated Management Strategies.

Together with leading partners that operate worldwide, we offer the possibility of Design & Management of Integrated Projects that include Project Management Office (PMO), PMP certified Professionals, Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Legal Advisory, Innovative Technologies & Management, for differente cultures and geographies.

Our main areas of action and solutions are briefly described down under. 

Current times are demanding innovative, multidisciplinary, integrated, self-sustainable projects. To decide better, reduce losses, among others. For that, professionals with versatile profiles, not only in Engineering, but also in the management of teams and of proven professional and management experience, are imperative. This is our DNA and focus!.

Through our Multidisciplinary Experience and Networking, we assign and integrate teams of internationally renowned specialists and partner companies, innovating with validated technologies and experiences, versatility, to offer the best tailor-made design solutions. Solutions at least the size of the problems to be addressed. Efficient and effective teamwork is our “modus operandi”. The main areas of action are:

  • Territorial Management / Monitoring - Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques for Territorial References (Cartography from 1: 125,000 to the scale of 1: 500) in Environment, Agriculture, Infrastructure & Logistics (highlighting 3D Topography by LiDAR), and Urban / Rural Development; Geographic Knowledge Systems; this is the correct and necessary basis for Infrastructure Projects and monitoring of urban and rural territorial dynamics; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geographic Knowledge Systems (GKS); Aerial Combat of Forest Fires, Airborne Humanitarian Operations, Aerial Transport of Human Organs & Tissues, Disaster Assessment;

  • Constructive Management  / Sustainable Communities - Social Urbanism, Complete Community Concept, Construction Methods, Infrastructure, Alternative Energy, Waste and Waste Recycling, Local Agriculture / Animal Protein / Fish Farming, Education and Local Sustainable Economic Development; 

  • Agriculture and Food Security - Agribusiness Chain (Agricultural and Agrarian), Agroindustry, Agricultural Corridors, Production Systems; reducing/eliminating loss and wastes in the chain; provide for enough nutritius food especially to the Extreme Poor and Children;

  • Sanitation and Environmnet - Artesian Wells, Drainage Systems including Flood Control, Effluent /Sewage Treatment Stations (ETEs) and Water Reuse, Garbage and Waste Recycling;

  • Health and Well-being - Nutrition and Preventive Care, Social Medicine and Community Health, Emergency and Urgency Health Centers, ICU Ambulance Networks, Regional Hospitals, University - Hospitals;


  • Clean Energies - Hydroelectric, Photovoltaic, Eolic energies as well as Hydrogen, Biogas, Geothermal, Biomass, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Solid Wastes and Innovative Electromagnetic Sources.

  • Infrastructure and Logistics - Highways, Roads, Side Roads, Bridges, Ports, Airports, Trains, Urban Mobility, River Dredging.

The Humanitarian Program presented below has a generic format and is a living and dynamic document that addresses themes that must be present and operative in any geography and culture, respecting possible cultural particularities. Other themes may be included, as is the case of Education. A basic structure is presented here that can be modified and adapted according to local needs and particularities.


It is also important to mention that the Program is based on free initiative encouraging and focusing on local structures (municipalities, districts, watersheds, etc.) generating economic and social activities and real and necessary benefits for millions of people. Starting from the Natural Laws (Principles and Truth) in Love, Knowledge, Integrity/Honesty, Transparency, Sovereignty, Freedom, which finally allow the manifestation of Order and Progress. This is the backbone that guarantees the success of the Program's application. The positive cycle of the Expression of Natural Laws.


Most countries and regions in Latin America (and other parts of the world) continue to have problems of lack of adequate infrastructure for development, especially sustainable development. For the most part, these are STATE problems that governments are unable to solve.

The time has come to recover these areas, regions or countries by installing the necessary infrastructures and development, promoting local businesses, cooperatives, etc. The INOVOH Humanitarian Program of Infrastructure Projects is an initiative that comes to correct and recover the course of these Regions, providing real solutions, and putting them in their just and deserved place, for millions of beneficiaries.


An innovative PROGRAM based on Projects and a tailor-made Management Model with internationally validated technologies, with local partnerships, and structured to provide the necessary SOLUTIONS.


Download PANEL Generic Humanitarian Program  INOVOH

PARAGUAY - Projects structured by UWC Consulting for Paraguay under the JAHUPI PARAGUAY PROGRAM consider all these topics and benefit the entire country. A first look at this Program can be found at or  that includes some Projects from other Project Designers. Strategy is that Projects happen at a Local County, State or River Basin level, focusing always local sustainable development.

Below we present Tables with a summary of the main information about the Projects structured by UWC Consultinc, as well as a PANEL with the description of the main activities programmed for each of the Projects, which can be downloaded in pdf format. This PANEL includes the Projects of the Designers and is the same as the panel that is on the Program's WEB page ( or

Table 1 Projects.jpg
Table 2 Projects.jpg
Table 3 Projects.jpg

The Projects under the design of Ulf Walter Palme, are organized according to the following structure, called PROJECT PLAN:

  • Description of the Project;

  • Project Area, Justification and Problems to Address;

  • Market & Marketing Plan;

  • The Project (Services / Products / Structure);

  • The Management Team, Technologies and Partners;

  • Relationship / Linkage with Public Policies;

  • Characteristics of the Sector and Involved Parties;

  • Cross-cutting Issues;

  • Projections;

  • Replica of the Project;

  • Risks, Problems and Assumptions;

  • Programming, Monitoring and Auditing of the Project;

  • Finance;

  • Financial Sustainability;

  • Conclusions.


The PROJECT PLAN represents a more accurate level of detail than an Executive Summary, still not as complete as that of the Executive Project, which is carried out once the financial resources are available and the PROGRAM starts. Still, extensive and intense work was carried out, choosing technologies and methodologies that generate clear benefits for the entire population and that are faster, of high quality and, for the most part, present lower costs.

It is a wide-ranging PROGRAM that generates solutions to issues that the Country urgently needs to solve! Issues related to the STATE.

There are Gigabytes of spreadsheets, texts, GANTT Disbursement Charts and detailed presentation materials and illustrations about the strategies, methodologies and innovative technologies that are in the Projects that are not presented in this document, nor are they on the PROGRAM website. They are proprietary data and information since the PROGRAM uses innovative technology for various topics and there is all the knowledge and expertise of Project Management, HOW to carry out and achieve the objectives.

ParaguayRide Panel Projects Cerro Corá.png
EN ParaguayRise SCOPE OF NECESSITIES_page-0001.jpg
logo INOVOH com nomes.png


BRAZIL - For Brazil, the FENIX and HELIUS Humanitarian Projects were structured, besides the Pilot Program area in the Table below.

  • FENIX 

    • Territorial management of Brazil at the scale of 1:10,000, the Territorial Reference and Monitoring of the Territorial Dynamics at the county level, to help Local Sustainable Development;

    • Aerial Combat of Forest Fires in a region of approximately 5 million km2 in Tropical Forest, Savanah Cerrado and Caatinga biomes. 

    • Aerial Transport of Organs and Human Tissues.


    • Sustainable Communities for 3,000 - 5,000 families with complete innovative infrastructure, including Healthcare, Education, Security, Commerce & Services, and local Agriculture for food generation. Also considers strategies to generate employment and possibilities for entrepreneurs.

Based on Paraguay's Humanitarian Program, areas in South American countries have been chosen for the development of pilot programs. Actions in these countries will be carried out with the active participation and management of local partners. The central themes of the Paraguay Humanitarian Program are issues that present problems to be solved in practically all Latin American geographies. Therefore, it is possible, with local adjustments, to replicate the Paraguay Program. These pilots could start with a first advance in Paraguay, in order to have a MODEL TO FOLLOW, especially considering the innovative integrated management of the axes at the municipal/regional level, which aims to solve all problems simultaneously.


Local partners have been sought in each of the countries I have worked with over the last 30 years. There is strong interest from local partners to develop these programs that solve state issues.

There are already initial replication pre-projects being structured in: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. In the case of Venezuela, which will certainly need a Humanitarian Program like the one we have structured here, we are waiting for better political conditions to act.

The Pilot Programs initially total US$306,140,000,000 and benefit 15.3 million people in 7 countries, over an estimated period of 8 years.


Below is a table with key information about the Programs in the respective pilot areas of each country.

IN Tabla Sintesis Programa Humanitario AL.jpg

Once initial successes are achieved in the Pilots, the geographic scope could be increased in each country.


A second stage would be to initiate Pilots in the other Latin American countries, especially Central America. It is possible to estimate the financial resources needed for each country.

It is our conviction that Food Security is the most urgent issue, and represents the backbone of the Humanitarian Programs. Availability of nutritious food in sufficient quantity on the table of the needy is urgent, it can no longer be postponed.

In addition to contemplating the issue of Food Security in the Program for Paraguay and the Pilots, we propose an immediate FOOD SECURITY ACTION in the whole territory of Latin America. The following is a brief introduction to the idea, which we believe is feasible, urgent and, if not solved, will deflate a crisis for which there is no mitigation.

Once the financial resources are released, we will be able to continue with the budgetary details and the necessary actions and chronogram.

Food Security Action

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