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Welcome to my Portal! Here you can get to know The Projects and Companies I have worked on in my professional life - by downloading my resume you can view in condensed form the timeline of 40 years, or in detail by entering my Portfolio - and also the activities to which I am currently dedicated - especially the Humanitarian Program

As a result of these efforts, I have created a realistic, solution-oriented Project / Program portfolio, with leading technologies & worldwide partners, in order to promote Sustainable Development in different geographies and cultures. No matter if small / local or large / country based. Always tailor made! We submit these projects to funding possibilities, from humanitarian to non-reimbursable / sustainable and also to investment organizations.

And we continue to look for innovative technologies and partners.


I am currently focused on the South American continent and, as an example, the Air Combat of Forest Fires focusing on the Amazon, Brazilian Cerrado and Chaco Paraguay, and the Bioceanic Corridor in South America through Chile are also considered.

However, my aspiration, vision & purpose is to extend access to these Projects and Technologies adapted to all Geographies and Cultures, wherever these solutions are necessary and desired! Our portfolio addresses problems that are still common in many regions of the planet. The good news is that, yes, there are real solutions that offer real benefits!

If you are in need of these types of Projects in your Region, wherever you are, or if you are interested in participating with your experience, or with your company, or if you represent an NGO, Foundation, Fund or Bank, or other Financial Institutions that can help, do not hesitate to contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible to learn more about your interest and possible needs.

Doing the right things right, for a prosperous and free enterprise world, respecting regional cultures and providing for Sustainable Development and Growth, is our motto and commitment!

Expecting your contact soon.

Best Regards

Ulf Walter Palme

My versatile professional portfolio of 40 years of work in different areas of knowledge and geographic regions of the planet, with certificates, videos and sample files of Projects, is the result of intense and dedicated multidisciplinary and team work. 
The consolidated metrics are very significant and sometimes unique. And we are very proud of our efforts & results. Our personal metrics in Territorial Management amount to over 30 million km2 in Tropical Forests (especially in the Amazon), 3.8 million km2 in Agriculture, Environment and Hydrology, 11,000 km2 in Urban Areas and 6,500 km in Highways and Infrastructure . And over 50,000 h of Project Management. Also, the VERSATILITY of issues is a strong asset of my career. All this to offer Real Solutions that generate benefits and always Innovating with Experience!


Since the year 2014 I have been organizing an INOVOH Humanitarian Program, starting with a PAÍS Sustainable Development Program for Paraguay (JAHUPI PARAGUAY / PARAGUAY RISE), which can be accessed at or And we are structuring replicas for countries in South America. I will briefly describe this Program for Paraguay and its replicas for South America below.
Together with leading partners that operate worldwide, we offer the possibility of Design & Management of Integrated Projects that include Project Management Office (PMO), PMI certified Professionals, Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Legal Advisory, Innovative Technologies & Management, for different cultures and geographies.